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Lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile oils and usually ranks amongst peoples favourite.  Lavender has amazing healing properties both physically and mentally. It is supportive of emotional well being, and it has restorative and calming properties. Lavender can support pain relief and it has anti-inflammatory properties for cuts, burns, bites and wounds. 


  • Supports the nervous system

  • Helps with insomnia & sleep issues

  • Helps with pain relief

  • Alleviates respiratory disorders

  • Enhances skin & hair

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Supports immune system health

  • Restorative & calming

  • Emotional balance & well being

  • Purify the mind

  • Helps with Indecision

  • Develops intuition


Lavender oil is healing to the nervous system, so it makes a good stress relief aid.  It is a great aid to help with sleep issues.  The oil is great for balancing and getting in touch with inner serenity and calmness. It is a multipurpose essential oi and great to have around the house when needed.    





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