"Small is Beautiful"

Schumacher’s book “Small is beautiful” introduces new social and economic structure by focusing on the gradualist approach to development; he sees development as a process of evolution. Schumacher is a pioneer in the alternative economic movement and technology, he emphasizes it's the process towards the people rather than the production of material goods.

Schumacher confirms that the primary concerns of poverty are non-material factors such as deficiencies in education, organization and discipline (p.60). “Small is beautiful” outlines the principles of development through orientating all actions on the land towards the three fold ideals of health, beauty and permanence (p.92).

Reconciliation of man with the natural world is no longer merely desirable, it’s necessary to fulfill the destiny of man towards permanence and sustainability (p.91). This expresses the awareness towards scarcity of resources; without efficient use of resources society will not be able to live in permanence.

Industry has masked the impermanent and inefficiency of mass production and consumption. Schumacher speaks of the disregard of values for health and the the disregard for man from the idolatry of economism (p. 92).

The best aid to give is intellectual aid, a gift of useful knowledge (Banda & Plakkmanil, 10). “The gift of knowledge also has far more lasting effects and is far more closely relevant to the concept of development.” (Schumacher, p. 163), by educating people with effective principles and teaching them about the fundamental disciplines and organization involved towards the three fold principles of health, beauty and permanence; development is implemented effectively and sustain ably .

“Development is a process of evolution and not creation, because it requires a gradual process of education, organization and discipline, and removing these three deficiencies is a contributing factor to removing poverty.”(Schumacher, 139).

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