Balsam Fir

Health Benefits: Balsam Fir is a strong antimicrobial, used for colds and flu. It helps dry mucus, is an excellent decongestant, and calms spastic coughs. I also add it to anti-rheumatic and joint pain blends to prevent and relieve swelling and pain. The oil has the ability to reduce inflammation. Balsam Fir stimulates the respiratory system and has immune-enhancing properties, so it is great to have around for cold and flu season.



  • Used for colds and flus

  • An excellent decongestant

  • Calms spastic coughs

  • Relieves rheumatic swelling and joint pain

  • Stimulates the respiratory system

  • Supports the Immune system

  • Beneficial for respiratory conditions

  • Helpful for muscle pain & spasms

  • Opens the heart

  • Protects & heals emotional pain

Properties: The pronounced monoterpene content of Balsam Fir essential oil suggests it can support movement in the body.This means it can open up the lungs and sinuses, and vitalize the overall energy in the mind and body. 

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